Ahmadjon Rahmatov

Starting from his Grade-7, he started working with different computer programs. He designed many photos, made a short film, and developed some applications.

When Ahmadjon graduated from the best school in Tajikistan, from Lyceum for Gifted Students in Dushanbe, he began thinking  about schools, and universities in Tajikistan with lesser resources. And, this inspired him to found Tajware - one of the first Software Companies in Tajikistan. 

We all, the Tajware Team, are currently developing the first Tajik Question and Answer (Q&A) website. Ahmadjon tells that many important things that he learned were through Quora, which is one of the best social question and answer websites around the world. As people in Tajikistan usually can only speak Tajik, through Javobho they will be able to share their knowledge, and answer each others' questions  - "Building the Future Leaders".

With the help of Ahmadjon, Tajware has many other important projects that are yet to be finished.

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